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Partnered with one of the top international website software development companies--Wix, we have official Certification, Legend, Marketplace and Wix Partner status.

Ogilvy & Mather

Ogilvy & Mather NYC recipient of mentoring; one of the largest Advertising/Public Relations companies in the world. Notable campaigns include: American Express, IBM and Dove

Forbes Coaches Council

We have had the honor of being invited to the Forbes Coaches Council, which also provided access to contribute articles to 

Amazon Web Services

We were first introduced to Amazon Web Services (AWS) at a Galvanize training on what makes a great mobile app design. This was followed up with training invitations at AWS NYC HQ and currently online training and virtual conferences.

At Revised Brand, the goal is to create memorable brand identities and establish amazing online reputations. Our commitment to stunning design and positive publicity, allows you to stand out for all the right reasons.

The partnership with Wix, creates a collaborative culture of feedback, best business practices, online training and resources, and performance reviews with Wix Success Managers. This results in top tier results for your business


Your business success relies on the overall look and feel of your brand and user experience to earn customer trust; therefore, we make sure to capture the vision for your project with a consultation at the very start to receive the details needed to better assist you. Get started by scheduling your free consultation. 

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